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1-1 TRAINING £300

Eyelash Extensions is an exciting treatment giving clients thicker, longer and great looking lashes which last up to 3 weeks.  This an ideal add on service for any beauty therapist, nail technician or anyone wanting an add on treatment to earn extra money!


Our eyelash course is perfect for beginners or for existing therapists wanting to extend their skills and techniques.  This course gives you all the practical and theory knowledge needed to become a successful therapist offering competent eyelash services to your clients with an accredited qualification to match allowing you to work on the paying public. This eyelash course will give you the ability to start your own business or find employment in a salon.


Our eyelash courses offer you the most comprehensive course structure giving students everything they need, to offer competent eyelash treatments to clients.


Our courses are fully accredited by ABT Associated Beauty Therapists. Before your training you will need to purchase  a semi permanent eyelash extensions kit to use on your training & after.


What you will learn:

•Industry regulations

•Client care/consultation

•Anatomy & Physiology

•Contra-indications and precautions

•Application of products - Individual lashes are used rather than strips as these last a lot longer



•Further treatment advice

•Promotion of this exciting treatment

•Practical demonstration

•Practice sessions

•Practical ongoing assessments

•Health and Safety


You will be advised on the best and affordable kits to buy when you train so you can use these with your clients.

Students are required to work on each other – therefore bare eyelashes are important.  If you have eyelash extensions in place please make arrangements to have them removed or bring a model along for the other students to work on.

Please arrive without any eye make-up on or bring along, an oil free eye make up remover to be used prior to the practical session commencing- if you wear contact lenses you may wish to bring along glasses.